Hawaii School Librarians are Wallwishing Us Tips from the ISTE Conference

It's all about connections!

Hawaii school librarians now attending the ISTE Conference in Colorado are sending us quick tips via Wallwisher, a FREE Web 2.0 online bulletin board-like tool -- how cool is that?

Here's the link to the full-screen version of the HASL (Hawaii Association of School Librarians) wall shown above. http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/hasliste2010
MAHALO to librarian extraordinaire Patricia Louis for setting it up!

YOU can build your own wall too. It's the perfect way for many people to share quickly in a multitude of situations, e.g., brainstorming in a crowd, obtaining quick feedback from a large audience, gathering resources on a specific theme on the fly, _______________insert your idea here.

BTW I learned about this tool at the HASL Conference on O'ahu this past spring, courtesy of librarian goddess Joyce Valenza.


"Youth Safety on a Living Internet" -- Scare Tactics Don't Work

Our legislators need to read this!

A report from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s Online Safety and Working Technology Group advises what we knew all along: that the key to keeping our children safe on the Internet is EDUCATION, not filtering.


Creating Narrated Tours on Google Earth

Just discovered Creating a Narrated Tour in Google Earth. Our history and foreign language teachers will love it, I think, and students will take to it too!

Here's Google Earth Outreach's 3-minute tutorial:

You'll need Google Earth 5, which you can download for free.

Enjoy ...