Search Engines I Recommend to Our Students

I recommend these search engines to our students, grades six through twelve:

Search engines to try:

Apple engine - Teacher selected and approved free resources

Bing vs.Google - You'll see results from both engines side by side. 
Heapr - Search Google, Twitter, Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia super fast

SearchCredible - Enter a query. Search credible resources. 
Sweet Search - A search engine for students. "Each site has been evaluated by our research experts."

- Computational search engine. Gives you access to the world's facts and data and calculates answers across a range of topics

Chomp - Search for mobile apps through a unique combination of app search and personalized recommendations

pipl People search on the web. Finds high-quality results in pages that cannot be found on regular search engines.

Track This Now - Social media search, topic tracking, news mapping

33 Academic Search Engines - For the serious researcher, from cybrarian77

DuckDuckGo - simple, less cluttered, private
*Google has declared war on content farms.
Got any suggestions to add to this list? I welcome them!


4+ Places to Create and Sell Your Own Poster -- for the Library Girl!

Jennifer LaGarde, aka The Library Girl, created a graphic that says it ALL for us school librarians and I think she should make a poster of it and market it. I definitely would buy one!

(the article and the graphic)

Here are suggestions for Jennifer, and anyone interested in sharing their killer creation with the world.

Cafe Press




Does anyone else have suggestions for Jennifer?

Jennifer, you're my hero!