Senior Anna Ezzy Does a Reprise of her TEDxYouth Talk on the Orangutan

Anna Ezzy presented her TEDxYouthSeaburyHall talk: Orangutan - Person of the Forest to two Hawaiian Studies Room-fuls of teachers and students. What a treat!

Middle School presentation

Anna's passion for this endangered animal is so inspiring! 

Here's the official 8-minute talk from the TEDxYouth event held in April. Anna calls us to action and mentions specific ways we can help.

Thanks, for caring, Anna!

Anna's talk is the first in a series of student presentations that will be held periodically this year, during the last half of our two lunches. What an excellent inauguration of the series!

English department head Alan Hodara is organizing these student presentations, and he has already lined up the next two. Stay tuned! (I can't wait.)

Happy learning!


"What is the Mindset of a Maker Educator?" Resources Mentioned in Edcamp Online

Participated in my second annual EdCamp Online this morning and I learned so much! The best part? Meeting some new people with common interests.

I joined the Maker Educator group mainly to soak in ideas, since we are just starting our own drop-in Makerspace program in my library.

It was a treat to meet and chat with +Jackie Gerstein, who moderated the hangout. Jackie (Dr. Gerstein, that is) is a prolific blogger who is passionate about Maker Education. Check out her blog, User Generated Education.

I loved that the Chat was used to its full potential, filling up with excellent resources as we talked. Check them out!

Don't the links pique your curiosity? My favorite is Jackie's Pinterest collection: Maker and Hacker Activities for Young People.

I was very pleased to participate in EdCamp Online again, and even more pleased with how much I got out of the Maker Educator session.

Mahalo to the organizers!


How to Schedule Appointments with Google Forms Add-On Choice Eliminator, A Tutorial by Sean Junkins

Love my #GTANY* PLN!

+Sean Junkins just created an easy-to-understand 5 minute tutorial: 

"Scheduling Appointments with Google Forms"

using the Add-on Choice Eliminator.

I'll be recommending this super-simple way to schedule appointments to our administrative support staff!

Such a powerful add-on, and a most excellent, concise tutorial.

Thanks, Sean! (I just subscribed to your channel :D )


*Google Teacher Academy New York 2012

Need a Literary Character Halloween Costume Idea?
7 GREAT DIY Costume Sites to √ Out

Updated October 29, 2015

Looking forward to seeing what our students and teachers 

conjure up this year!

Here are the rules and judging criteria:

Stumped for ideas? Here are some DIY* websites to get your creative juices flowing:

Book Week Costume Explore collection from Pinterest

Book Character Dress Up Day, Pinterest collection by Marci Tate

10 DIY Literary Costumes for Halloween from The Poets Project

Children's Book Character Costume Ideas, Pinterest collection by Lori Hancock
DIY* = Do NOT spend a lot of money :)

Yes, there will be photos to share.


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How to Disable Automatic Lists and Links in Google Docs

I was dazzled by the Automatic Lists and Links update for Google Docs. 

Now not so much. 

So I decided to disable it, for now.

How? Google Product Forums to the rescue!

Have fun with Google Docs!


From Hawaii to Scandinavia, Using Google+ Hangouts to Connect Globally

What a rich one-hour experience!

Our Google Rocks! Hawaii Episode #51 ended up being a discussion of Swedish and Finnish education, cloud services, Google Apps adoption in schools, digital citizenship, and changing identities.

Thanks to +Niilo Alhovaara+Alastair Creelman+Holly Gates+Kim Nilsson, and +Tiina Sarisalmi for a fabulous discussion!

Prefer audio only? Listen here.

Be sure to check out the Show Notes for information about our European guests, and the Hangout Event for behind-the-scenes info and discussion.

Have fun hanging out and connecting globally!


Google Rocks! Hawaii website

Watch-Worthy Google Classroom Tutorial on Google Rocks! Hawaii

We celebrated our 50th episode of Google Rocks! Hawaii last week with Google headbands! So much fun!

We also did some serious learning about Google Classroom.

Regular panelist and authorized Google Education Trainer +Michael Fricano II gave us a concise and clear overview of Google Classroom.

Check it out!