Google Cool Tools, All in One Place πŸŽ‰ Thank you, CSISD Ed Tech!

Love this Listly list this so much that I decided to embed it here, and add it as a Page.

Mahalo to College Station Independent School District Ed Tech!


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How to Use "Explore" to Add Images to Your Google Doc

I think our ninth graders doing research on African masks are going to love using the new "Explore" option in Google Docs. Adding images will be such a breeze!

The pluses of using Explore to find images?
  • No need to open another window.
  • All images in Explore are copyright-friendly.
  • Attribution is automatically added to the image. 
Check out this short slide tutorial to start exploring right now.

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"Library Extension" Lets you Borrow Books from Your Local Library While You're in Amazon or Goodreads!

Save yourself a few steps, and some money!

That book you want to purchase on Amazon or Goodreads? It might be available to borrow from your local library!

Chrome's "Library Extension" lets you check your local library immediately, while you're in Amazon or Goodreads. [Note: As of this publication date, also available at Barnes and Noble, AR BookFinder, and Google Books! ]

How cool is that?!

I made this mini slide tutorial to demonstrate how the extension works.

You can find out more at libraryextension.comFAQ, and Free, but you can support.



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How to Schedule and Start Google Hangouts on Air (And where are the links to share?)

To enlarge: hover over image->Ctrl-click (Mac) or right click (pc)->Open image in new tab.

Hangouts on Air are now only possible using YouTube.

Here's a 5-step guide, no extras needed. The location of the 3 links to share (for panelists, for YouTube viewers, and for embedding on a website) are on Slide 6 (and above).

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Google PD at your Fingertips! How to Find the EdTech Team's Past Google Summit Resources

I love the EdTech Team!

The amount of professional development the Team continually provides throughout the year to educators around the world is staggering, as evidenced by the interactive map on the EdTechTeam Events page.

And there's something for everyone at these events: from newbie to geek.

Because I can't make all of the Google Summits due to time, budget, and travel issues (and other priorities such as family), I love that the EdTech Team makes Summit presentations available publicly, long after the event!

Here's a 4-minute YouTube demo for finding past Google Summit presentations, both on the Web and on your mobile device:

Thanks to the EdTech Team for sharing resources for all of us to enjoy, long after the Summit is over.

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πŸŽ‰ "Make a Copy" in Google Keep!

Just discovered "Make a Copy" in Google Keep!

So now I don't have to make a choice between keeping a note in Keep and copying it to Google Docs.

Thank you, Google! πŸŽ‰ #winneradd

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For Right, Left, and Center, Bookmark! #medialiteracy

Did I already mention how much I love Here's another reason why:


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For Kids: Measure Distance on Google Maps, No Matter How Short, with a simple Google Search

Discovered this fabulous feature as I was tallying my mileage for our Middle School Cooking Winterim* experience this week.

Simply type in your Google search:

Distance between (address or business name) and (destination), 

and voilΓ :

Just for fun, I took it a bit further, and discovered that this works for distances in mere feet too, like how far is it from my house to the house across the street, for instance (FYI 36 feet). Isn't that the coolest? πŸ˜Ž 

I think this would make a fun prompt in math class, to launch problems with individuated solutions.

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*"Winterim is designed to expand the Seabury Hall program beyond the classroom through a variety of offerings with an experiential approach to learning. Winterim provides students with the opportunity to work in groups composed of representatives from each grade level. The multi-age experience allows our community to become closer, form friendships with students from other grade levels and enhance understanding, appreciation and support for each other, our community and our unique Maui culture." -- school website

Four Interactive News Maps for our Teachers and Students

Check out today's Maps Mania's blog post "News on the Map" HERE.

I added the four interactive maps mentioned to our News LibGuide.

Thank you for these fantastic resources! Our students will make good use of them.

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"What's Up with Google?" Google Rocks! Hawaii back on January 25

Google Rocks! Hawaii will be back on January 25, after a nine-month hiatus, with Show #86!

We will be airing monthly during the school year, on various educational topics, and always with something Google-rific in the mix.

Starting us off will be some special EdTech Team guests, who will get us pumped for the HAWAII SUMMIT, featuring Google for Education. The Summit will be held on March 25-26 at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. You can register right on the Summit page, on the upper right.

Won't you join us?

Regular Hawaii educator panelists who are slated to join us are: +Shane Asselstine+Jody Brown+Michelle Carlson Colte+Michael Fricano II+Holly Gates, and +Anne Torige.

Simply click on the above YouTube video at 7pm HST on January 25 to view the show. During the broadcast, you'll be able to ask questions in the Live Chat to the right (something new, so cool!).

Catch you on the 25th!

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