Google Fiber for Maui?

Think Big with a Gig

What if Google Fiber picks Maui for its experimental fiber network that's 100 times faster than the present Internet connection? It would mean a jump-start for businesses, high-speed global educational interactions, and speedier working of our government.

Hawaii tested 48 among the 50 states for Internet speed. You can test your Internet connection at Speed Matters. Google Fiber could bring us up to speed (pun intended), and then some.

Here's an overview of what the project would mean, according to Google: Public Overview of the Project

To get involved, you can fill out an application if you're a Maui resident.

The deadline is March 26, 2010, so action is needed now. Please let me know if you'd like to HELP garner support for this initiative.


What People are Saying about This:

Kim Abrahamson
: "This could really help our community in attracting high-tech jobs to our island. Our location as a bridge between the East and the West could position us as the Silicon Valley of the Pacific!"

Denise Lionetti
: "Who, in our community WOULDN'T want to help do something to leave our painfully slow internet in the past??"

Casey Asato: "I just nominated Maui and promoted SH. I briefly talked about our engineering projects, and the innovations of SH and Schools of the Future."

Ned Simonds: "I'm in as a nominator too."

Roberta Hodara: "I think it would be wonderful if Seabury becomes an integral part of this initiative! What a wonderful opportunity."

Mark Mayeda ('03): "I think it would be amazing to use Maui as a pilot model for high speed internet in a rural setting. Not only is Maui a mid-Pacific technology base, but it's also no ka oi!!"