Teens and Screens - Recommended Resources for Parents and Teachers

A Resource List to Jumpstart Screenagers Discussions

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From Common Sense Media:

How much screen time is OK for my kid(s)?
What Should I Do About My Kid's Video Game Addiction?
Should I worry about how much TV my kid watches during playoff season?
Is it OK to let my teen sleep with her phone under her pillow?
How do I get my teen to read more books?
How do I talk to my kid about Internet porn?
How do screens -- such as TV and smartphones -- affect my kids’ sleep?
How can I get my kids to put down their phones?
Am I depriving my kid if I don't get him an iPhone?
Is it OK for my kid to start her own YouTube channel?
5 Skills -- from Empathy to Manners -- That Tech Might Be Eroding (and What to Do About It)
•Why the Best Parental Control is You

Common Sense Research
Tech at the Table: Family Dinner in the Digital Age - 2016
The Common Sense Census: Media Use by Kids Age Zero to Eight 2017

Fact Sheets - Tweens and Teens (2015)
Teens and Smartphones
Television and Video-Viewing Habits
Homework and Multi-Tasking
Parents and Media
Media Use Profiles (Video gamers, social networkers, mobile games, readers, heavy viewers, light viewers)

Common Sense "Topics to Prepare Students and Strengthen School Communities" - For Teachers
Internet Safety / Privacy and Security Communication / Relationships and CommunicationCyberbullying and Digital Drama / Digital Footprint and Reputation / Self Image and Identity / Information Literacy / Creative Credit and Copyright

Sample Family Social Media Contracts

Samples from Common Sense Media
My Teen's Social Media Contract from Scary Mommy
Social Media Contract for Kids from iMom

School Programs

The Social Institute 

Digital Citizenship (Common Sense Media)


Screens and Teens: Connecting with our Kids in a Wireless World (ebook $8.79)
Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World (audio book)
Digital Citizenship in Action: Empowering Students to Engage in Online Communities
•Social LEADia: Moving Students from Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership


Screen-Addicted Teens are Unhappy - San Diego State University Study

Overstimulation of newborn mice leads to behavioral differences and deficits in cognitive performance - D. A. Christakis, J. S. B. Ramirez and J. M. Ramirez - 2012

Action in the Classroom

Effective Digital Citizenship Education - Vicki Davis

Interesting Articles

48-hour screen-time experiment: What happens when kids have no limits - Becky Worley, ABC News, Feb. 28, 2018.

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