October 11, 2014

How to Disable Automatic Lists and Links in Google Docs

I was dazzled by the Automatic Lists and Links update for Google Docs. 

Now not so much. 

So I decided to disable it, for now.

How? Google Product Forums to the rescue!

Have fun with Google Docs!


October 08, 2014

From Hawaii to Scandinavia, Using Google+ Hangouts to Connect Globally

What a rich one-hour experience!

Our Google Rocks! Hawaii Episode #51 ended up being a discussion of Swedish and Finnish education, cloud services, Google Apps adoption in schools, digital citizenship, and changing identities.

Thanks to +Niilo Alhovaara+Alastair Creelman+Holly Gates+Kim Nilsson, and +Tiina Sarisalmi for a fabulous discussion!

Prefer audio only? Listen here.

Be sure to check out the Show Notes for information about our European guests, and the Hangout Event for behind-the-scenes info and discussion.

Have fun hanging out and connecting globally!


Google Rocks! Hawaii website

October 06, 2014

Watch-Worthy Google Classroom Tutorial on Google Rocks! Hawaii

We celebrated our 50th episode of Google Rocks! Hawaii last week with Google headbands! So much fun!

We also did some serious learning about Google Classroom.

Regular panelist and authorized Google Education Trainer +Michael Fricano II gave us a concise and clear overview of Google Classroom.

Check it out!