August 16, 2014

Padlet as a Curation Tool ... for Students!

Not only would Padlet Mini be a great tool for teachers for all the reasons +Susan Oxnevad mentions in her article,

this easy-to-use Chrome extension widget would be a fun, effective way for our students to bookmark and annotate their research! (Yes, and turn it in, as well.)


August 08, 2014

Great Tip! How to Find Private Content in Google+

What a find!

Thanks to +Ana Hoffman by way of  +Mary Ann Davis then +Luiz Fernando then +John Elstone (love the RIPPLES on Ana's original post!) for sharing this tip.

To find private messages in Google plus, simply:

1. Do a regular Google search in your Omnibox, either for a person or a keyword or a combination.
2. Under Search Tools, select Private.
3. Ouila!

Here's Ana's post. Feel free to leave positive comments for her!

Happy G+ing!


July 25, 2014

1112 Great GOOGLE CLASSROOM Tutorials by Early Access Testers

FINALLY got my invitation to Google Classroom today. Thank you, Google!

I'll be checking out these tutorials for guidance and inspiration:

1. Google Classroom - Teacher and Student View video by +Roger Nixon, June 15


2. The Electric Educator - Setting Up your Google Classroom, June 25
including a Google slide show

3. Preview of Classroom for Google Apps for Education from +Google Gooru, June 27

4. Google Classroom Guide: Help and Support for Educators by +Jonathan Wylie of HubPages, June 28

5. Google Classroom as Presented by Google ISTE2014 ~ A Post on the Fly by Google Certified Trainer +Allison Mollica, June 29

6. 3-part series from Nowa Techie (Google Certified Teacher and Trainer  +Lisa Nowakowski )
7. Google Educast #149, with the Google Certified Teachers, July 14

8. A Google Classroom Tutorial by +Jennifer Scheffer, July 20

9. Move to the head of the class: Google Classroom slide presentation by +Stacy Behmer and +Chad Kafka

11. Introduction to Google Classroom by +Greg Kulowiec, July 23,
which includes a video:

Google Classroom from EdTechTeacher on Vimeo.

A BIG THANKS to these early adapters for lighting the way for us!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Update Aug 9, 2014:

12. Google Certified Teacher and Trainer  Aaron Svoboda created this AWESOME slide presentation that will get you up and running in a jiffy.

Thanks, Aaron!
◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊