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So I read with sympathy Kathy's lament on Facebook about being stung by a yellow jacket, on her eyelid of all places -- OW! 

Former Seabury parent and respected Maui pediatrician John Briley quickly came to Kathy's rescue, whipping out an article for her to read, from Essortment,  titled Bugs and Bites: How to Treat Yellow Jacket Stings (the key to treating stings is to act quickly).

I learned about Essortment's mission "to provide high quality free information to web surfers. Essortment seeks to provide concise, clear, and accurate answers to questions real people ask online." The articles are easy-to-read, short, and authoritative -- a perfect one-stop resource, I thought, for the student researcher.

So, courtesy of Facebook and Dr. Briley, I added Essortment to the developing Castle Library site. PLOP! --  onto the Reference page it went.

Thanks, Dr. Briley ... and rest up, Kathy!