Completely Online Global Education Conference -- a sign of the times

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It's history in the making -- Global Education Conference 2010 will be completely online, and it involves a a multitude of big players. November 15-19, 2010,  and absolutely free!

It's mind-boggling: 397 general sessions from 62 countries, plus 63 keynote speakers. 

I don't see a search box, but there's the schedule of offerings and times, for those of us who live in Hawaii. The website makes it easy to find out information by time zone.

The conference is very well-organized (as is the website). I see different tracks (available:  teacherstudentcurriculumpolicy and leadershipglobal issues, and higher ed. Here's an overall description of the tracks. The teacher track is the primary conference track.

Here's a word from one of the co-chairs of the conference, Steve Hargadon, including a call for assistance with Elluminate, the web-conferencing program they'll be using.

This is technology at its finest, in my opinion. I'll be following closely to see how this grand experiment plays out. More importantly, I'm interested in how we can use some of this information at our school. 


Update 11/14/10 2:06 pm HAST: Here's the official The Global Education Collaborative, the official ning of the conference.