Takeways from Google's First EdTech EducationOnAir Conference at our School

Considering 14 busy people dropped in to the conference during the day and I would have been happy with 5, I declare the first Google EdTech Conference a success for us!

It was fantastic to have fellow tech staffer Louis Turbeville there to help throughout the day!

Louis' thoughts about the day:
"I thought it was a very unique concept and very convenient for busy people. Anytime you can share or gather information from others on how they do things, or use tools, is a great learning opportunity. The use of technology to bring together people from all over the world was fun to be a part of."
Yes, there were technical difficulties. Our connection dropped a few times. Would things have worked better in Chrome (we used Firefox)? Hindsight is 20-20. (A blog post and informational sheet are in the works on how we can manage/share bandwidth at our school.)

Here's an archive of the sessions we participated in, with links of the tools mentioned, for further study.

My personal favorite was the session on Harnessing the Full Power of the Web, which I put at the center top of the LibGuide, with Digital Literacy and Citizenship running a close second.