About Google Games and Two Conferences -- a Hangout by Hawaii Educators

This week in our Tuesday Google Rocks! Hangout On Air we talked about a few Google Games, and debriefed about the Schools of the Future Conference and Ed Camp Honolulu.

Panelists: Jody Brown, Michelle Carlson Colte, Michael Fricano II, Linda Lindsay, Chad Nacapuy, Anne Torige.

Check out our extensive links list at: bit.ly/GR10gamesandconferences


01:48 - A Google a Day - Michael Fricano II
10:42 - Google Inside Search Playground - Linda Lindsay
14:42 - GeoGuessr and the Games section of the Google Developer Showcase - Jody Brown
22:00 - Discussion of Schools of the Future Conference 10/17-18/13
36:29 - Discussion of EdCamp Honolulu 10/19/13

See the YouTube playlist of the HOAs we've done so far here.

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