mauilibrarian2's 10 Nominations for the 2013 Edublogs Awards #eddies13

This is a fantastic reflective exercise for me!

I had even more fun picking my favorites this year than last.

I hope you find new people on this list who will inspire you, as they have inspired me.

Best individual blog - One of the EdCamp Movement's founders, Kristen Swanson, is in my exclusive Google+ MVP circle. Her Teachers as Technology Trailblazers blog is a must-read.

Best group blog - I agree with Larry Ferlazzo's nomination of MiddleWeb. I don't subscribe to very many email newsletters, and I really look forward to receiving SmartBrief, MiddleWeb's thrice-weekly email.

Best new blog - The Learning Pond. A new interesting voice to learn from: Grant Lichtman, who started this blog in March of 2012. Thanks to +Sean Wilson for the lead. I'm not sure if I can nominate two. If so, I would also include Jennifer Magiera's Teaching Toward Tomorrow, which is equally as good.

Best class blog - Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog (again). Her students are so lucky to have her.

Best ed tech / resource sharing blog - Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners+Susan Oxnevad offers an array of visual resources, with an emphasis on Google tools. Her Google Docs for Learning Glog is pretty awesome.

Best library / librarian blog - Neverending Search. Consistently forward-looking and solidly grounded in best practices, Joyce Valenza fires me up to try new things.

Best administrator blog - Dr. Doug Green blogs every day. Here's his twitter description: "Bite-Sized Self-Development Resources for Educators and Parents/Book Summaries/Net Nuggets."

Best individual tweeter - I joined Twitter in 2010 just to follow @joycevalenza. Her tweets are jam-packed with resources and idea for all educators. She's still my #1 MVP.

Best free web tool - Google+ Hangouts. Transformative for me. You can get a good idea about how hangouts are beginning to change education at

Best educational use of audio / video / visual / podcast - EdReach hands-down. Over two dozen channels covering a variety of topics. And they have the neatest hangouts.

Best of luck to all of the nominees!

Here are a few other nomination lists to check out:
 (I will add to this list up to the Dec. 1 deadline)
Update 11/28/13:  +Sue Waters of Edublogs created a Flipboard magazine that will contain all of the nomination blog posts. Great idea!




  1. Great list here. Some of these I had not heard of and will certainly check out. I will check back to see any changes, thank you! One of my top picks and go to blog for everything ed tech is Jennie Magiera's Teaching Like Its 2999

    1. Yes, Rae, I enjoy Jennie's Teaching Like Its 2999 blog too. Teaching Toward Tomorrow that I nominated is her new blog on EdWeek. She definitely belongs on the #eddies13 list. We were together at the Google Teacher Academy in NY, 2012. I knew then that she would be an educator to watch. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Rae.

  2. Dear Linda,

    Thanks so much for the kind words and the nomination! I appreciate it!

    I love the Edublogs because I always learn about new people and blogs to follow. It is a great opportunity to celebrate and share the learning.

    Mahalo, my friend! :-)

    ~Linda Y♥llis

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