mauilibrarian2's 10 Nominations for the 2013 Edublogs Awards #eddies13

This is a fantastic reflective exercise for me!

I had even more fun picking my favorites this year than last.

I hope you find new people on this list who will inspire you, as they have inspired me.

Best individual blog - One of the EdCamp Movement's founders, Kristen Swanson, is in my exclusive Google+ MVP circle. Her Teachers as Technology Trailblazers blog is a must-read.

Best group blog - I agree with Larry Ferlazzo's nomination of MiddleWeb. I don't subscribe to very many email newsletters, and I really look forward to receiving SmartBrief, MiddleWeb's thrice-weekly email.

Best new blog - The Learning Pond. A new interesting voice to learn from: Grant Lichtman, who started this blog in March of 2012. Thanks to +Sean Wilson for the lead. I'm not sure if I can nominate two. If so, I would also include Jennifer Magiera's Teaching Toward Tomorrow, which is equally as good.

Best class blog - Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog (again). Her students are so lucky to have her.

Best ed tech / resource sharing blog - Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners+Susan Oxnevad offers an array of visual resources, with an emphasis on Google tools. Her Google Docs for Learning Glog is pretty awesome.

Best library / librarian blog - Neverending Search. Consistently forward-looking and solidly grounded in best practices, Joyce Valenza fires me up to try new things.

Best administrator blog - Dr. Doug Green blogs every day. Here's his twitter description: "Bite-Sized Self-Development Resources for Educators and Parents/Book Summaries/Net Nuggets."

Best individual tweeter - I joined Twitter in 2010 just to follow @joycevalenza. Her tweets are jam-packed with resources and idea for all educators. She's still my #1 MVP.

Best free web tool - Google+ Hangouts. Transformative for me. You can get a good idea about how hangouts are beginning to change education at

Best educational use of audio / video / visual / podcast - EdReach hands-down. Over two dozen channels covering a variety of topics. And they have the neatest hangouts.

Best of luck to all of the nominees!

Here are a few other nomination lists to check out:
 (I will add to this list up to the Dec. 1 deadline)
Update 11/28/13:  +Sue Waters of Edublogs created a Flipboard magazine that will contain all of the nomination blog posts. Great idea!