Three #GR8Finds #ThisWeek - Project-Based Learning, Makerspaces, Humans of New York

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Jan 30, 2015

1. Resources for Assessment in Project-Based Learning from Edutopia, updated this past week.

How do you assess your projects?

2. Transform Your School: Practical Tips for Starting a Makerspace, a slideshare by Diana Rendina.

Middle School librarian +Diana Rendina is a possibility thinker who's passionate about #MakerEd and shares freely on her blog Renovated Learning, and on Pinterest and Twitter. Follow her for inspiration and practical ideas!

3. Brandon Stanton, the person behind Humans of New York, brings hope to Mott Hill Bridges Academy in Brownsville.

I asked Vidal if I could photograph him in the same place that I met him for this next announcement. In only four days, we’ve raised over $700,000 for Vidal’s classmates at Mott Hall Bridges Academy. Nearly 25,000 of you have made a donation. Taken together, these donations have provided funding for ten years worth of Harvard trips, and ten years worth of summer programs. Your donations have given a heavy boost to a group of scholars and educators in their battle to establish a culture of success in a disadvantaged neighborhood. There was an assembly today where the full impact of the fundraiser was explained to all of the students, and it was quite emotional. (But more on that later.) I wanted to announce that all funds raised over $700,000 will be reserved for a final purpose. We are starting a scholarship fund available to the graduates of Mott Hall Bridges Academy. A committee of MHBA educators and administrators will choose the recipients each year. We’re going to use the money from our campaign to get the fund started, but we’re also going to lay tracks so that it can continue to assist scholars for years to come. It will be called The Vidal Scholarship Fund. And the first recipient will be Vidal himself. If you’d like to contribute, please click on the link in the bio.* *Indiegogo may not be loading properly due to the traffic. If this is the case, please check back later tonight.
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What a difference one person can make!

It's Aloha Friday! I hope you find inspiration this weekend.