3 #GR8Finds #ThisWeek 05.08.15 - Google+ collections, #GoogleEduonAir, and 3D Ultrasound Print for Blind Mother

Usually published on Fridays, but on Sunday this week 
to include #GoogleEduOnAir ... and life happens :)

Three great finds this week! 

1. Everything you need to know about Google+ Collections 


Google+ taking on Pinterest qualities you say? That's what it looks like to me too.

2. The Google Education Conference On Air, May 8 & 9

What's the fuss about? Check out +WIRED's article (h/t Julia Brannon)

Found the link to the recording of the first day via @Jackie Gerstein 
and time-coded it for on-demand viewing.

I'm putting together a couple of themed springboard blog posts about the sessions: one for Empowering Students and the other for Collaboration. Stay tuned.

3. 3D Ultrasound printed out for blind mother

Huggies Brazil made it possible, and produced this video:

Technology for good. So heart-touching.

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