Boom! All 7 "Collaboration & Community" Sessions at the 2015 Google EduOnAir Conference, in One Spot

I created this springboard to the seven "Collaboration and Community" Sessions at the 2015 Google Education on Air Conference, for a presentation next month. I thought other educators who are interested in collaboration might also find it useful.

1. Helping Your Students Collaborate with Google Apps

Intended audience: Educator 
Level: Beginner; elementary

+Rolland Chidiac describes how GAFE has changed the culture of his classroom, beyond the technology.

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2. Using Google+ to develop stronger classroom community and enhance student learning

Intended audience: Educator. 
Level: Beginner; high school / upper secondary.

Google Education Trainer and English teacher +Adam Schoenbart  shares in detail how he uses Google+ to build his own informal classroom community. Tips and challenges are included.

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Presentation MaterialsSlide show

My biggest takeaway: Teacher has high expectations for student posts. They must be (1) authentic, (2) passionate, and (3) appropriate. Teacher should model expected behavior.
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3. Transforming traditional curriculum design to embrace collaboration and critical thinking

Intended audience: Administrator
Level: Anyone; middle school / early secondary

John Bosselman, Kerstyn Comley, and Jon Cheyne describe R.E.A.L (Realm of Experiential and Alternative Learning) in the UK.

Examines: "how technology is being used in the UK to embrace the concept of schools as communities of learners where students and teachers learn with and from each other." Covers: (1) real need (relevance), (2) integrated knowledge (using Google Docs and Google Classroom), and (3) community of learners (using a private Google+ community).

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Presentation materials: Slide show

My biggest takeaways:  I didn't know about the R.E.A.L. project, so this presentation opened my eyes. I pronounce this project-based learning model most worthy of exploration!

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4. My County Edu, collaborative learning

Intended audience: Administrator
Level: Intermediate; general

+Yair Farby, an educator in Israel, describes My County Edu, a multi-faceted unit, which "brings pupils who do not live in the same city, town or village to a virtual area where they can collaborate." (6th grade and up) "Together they explore and learn about their geographical, historical and social environment. Students create digital learning materials and meet virtually and physically."

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My main takeaways: I like this well-developed, community-building, cross-curricular unit, and I am impressed with the seamless integration of various Google products (docs, maps, forms, hangouts). Love the Teachers Manual and ICT Tools.

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5. Experiential and project based learning with Google Play for Education

Intended Audience: Administrator
Level: Anyone; general

Description: Panelists Bill Mackenzie, Amy Dougherty (not sure if I got Amy's last name right), and Matt Allen describe how they use Google Play for Education in their classrooms.

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My main takeaways: 

1. I enjoyed the transformative stories of the three panelists at the beginning.

2. Bill Mackenzie: If students want to learn, they will do so outside the classroom. Let's provide them with the resources to make that possible, such as providing Chromebooks to libraries.
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6. Google Apps for Elementary Education

Intended audience: Anyone
Level: Beginner; upper elementary / primary

Description: Google Certified Teacher and Google Education Trainer +Donnie Piercey takes us on a whirlwind tour of Google Apps that can be used in the elementary classroom. Assisting: James Allen, Librarian at Oldham County Schools, and Donnie's 5th grade student Kayla of Eminence Schools, Kentucky.

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Presentation materials: Donnie's Google Doc wins the prize for so much fantastic detail. :)

My main takeaways: I enjoyed Donnie's lightheartedness throughout the session. The video and the doc provide lots of ideas that a teacher can try out right away. 

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7. Developing Student Awareness in Building a Community

Intended audience: Anyone
Level: Beginner; high school / upper secondary

Description: Google Certified Teacher and ICT teacher Gary Garcia of Saint Pedro Poveda College, Philippines describes his Talaban (Tagalog: to "effect" or "to be affected") project, a student outreach project to make a positive change in the community.

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My main takeaway: Clearly, Gary Garcia is a passionate, caring educator. His stories about inequity are compelling.

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