Four FREE, Easy-to-Use Discussion Boards That Will Get You Up and Running in a Few Minutes

Need a stand-alone online discussion board that will get you up and running in a few minutes? 

I recommend these four FREE options:

QuickTopic - "QuickTopic's web message boards are super-easy. Friends can post messages on your board here or by using their own e-mail. Your message board is private, or you can easily link it to your own web site."

Proboard - Advertises as "free, customizable, simple, reliable, remotely hosted."

Lefora - "At Lefora, you can have a fully functioning social community up and running in less than 30 seconds."

Boardhost  - "Instantly create a Boardhost forum that allows you unlimited categories, postings, users, and even pageviews, or create a classic Boardhost message board, loved by our customers and easy to use."

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