22, no, 28 COOL (and FREE) Ways to Enjoy #ISTE2015 Without Being There [#NOTATISTE]

Unable to attend ISTE in person this year? Me too. :/

Here are 22 28 cool ways that you can still get in on some of the action. (#21 and #22 are breaking news from +Matt Miller)

1. Follow the official ISTE Twitter hashtag #ISTE2015. Yes, of course, you already knew that. 

Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Tweetchat, Nurph, Storify, others? You decide how you want to tame the hashtag flood. 

2. Download the ISTE Program mobile app from the Apple iTunes Store 
or the Google play storeand be sure to check the News and Announcements throughout the conference.

3. Follow the #ISTE2015 hashtag on Instagram here (also available on the program app).

People are already beginning to post. Here's a neat one, a video from Rocky Hill School.
A video posted by Rocky Hill School (@rockyhillschool) on

4. Watch TeacherCast Live broadcasts hosted by +Jeffrey Bradbury, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, June 29 - July 1. Here's the broadcasting schedule.

Wow! What an array of learning opportunities! Mahalo, Jeff.

5. Join the energetic Not At ... EdTechConference G+ Community here, organized by +Jennifer Wagner, with door prizes! (My favorite). Jennifer is trying to encourage people to move out of the current #NOTATISTE Community here; be sure to check that out too.

Numbers 6 through 10 are all available for the Not At ... EdTechConference G+ Community. Yes, join!
6. Introduce yourself to the #NOTATISTE G+ community with your own badge, which you can make here. You can add ribbons like the one at the top of this post, here.
7. Play #NOTATISTE Bingo here. (Prizes!)
8. Take the NOTATISTE Challenge here. (More prizes!) 
9. Do a NOTATISTE Ignite Session. Fill out the form here. 
10. Support Slice of ISTE here, recommended by +Jennifer Wagner .

Thank you for all of your work coordinating the NOTATISTE G+ community, Jennifer!

11. Join a Voxer chat. Have friends going to ISTE? Keep in touch with them via Voxer, a texting and audio synchronous and asynchronous app. 

Look at the gigantic Educational Voxer PLN List here (add yourself), by +Theresa Stager, and the Educational Voxer Group Directory based on ISTE themes here organized by +Karen Corbell+Heather Gauckand +Sarah Thomas, and edited by +Anibal Pacheco. Fill out the form to add an #eduvoxer group here.

12. Be sure to read about what Blogger Extraordinaire +Sue Waters is doing: #NotAtISTE? How to Participate in ISTE 2015 Remotely, including,

13. Her shared Google Doc here, and
14. Her Flipboard ISTE Insights Magazine here  (she is looking for curators in different time zones).

15. People will be sharing their #ISTE15 experience on Flipgrid. How cool is that?

Can't wait to see who will share! Thank you, +Kristina Holzweiss !

16. Read blogs by ISTE attendees. I'm sure there will be many excellent posts coming out of the Bloggers Cafe
 And I hope +Craig Yen will create a Listly list of blogs again, like he did last year.

17. Become a NOTATISTE blogger. 
Sharing is caring! I'm planning to blog about what I learn, and I know others will too. 

18. Subscribe to Google for Education's G+ ISTE 2015 Collection (and turn notifications on) here.

19. EdTekHub is mum about what it's offering, but I'm sure it will be useful. I'll add the information here, as soon as it becomes available.

20. Watch the TL (Teacher-Librarian) Chat News Night, LIVE at ISTE on Wednesday, July 1, at about 10:00 am EDT, right after the ISTE Librarians Network Annual Breakfast. Yes, this G+ hangout will be for school librarians, but other educators will benefit too. The theme is "ISTE Takeaways" and +Elissa
Malespina and +Nikki D Robertson will be hosting. Can't wait.

Breaking news:

21. Watch Ditch That Textbook blogger and Google Certified Teacher +Matt Miller present at ISTE while holding a Hangout on Air for us to watch live! 

The first session is: Ditch That Textbook: Interactive lecture, Monday, June 29, 4:15 - 5:15 pm EDT. 

Description: "Engage students, integrate meaningful technology and free your teaching! Ditch That Textbook blogger Matt Miller will lead a back-channel session at ISTE 2015 on ditching your textbooks -- and your textbook assumptions about education."

RSVP YES to the hangout event here to get notifications, watch via the hangout event (you can participate in the Q and A), or watch on YouTube live or later. 


22. Matt's second session is: Sharing is Caring BYOD, Wednesday, July 1, 11:45 am - 12:45 pm, EDT.

"We'll introduce you to a long list of collaborative activities using the Google Apps suite at ISTE 2015. We'll demonstrate real-time collaboration, chat, commenting and link-sharing capabilities of Google Apps. These activities can cross over to administration, enabling powerful modes of staff communication. "

RSVP YES to the hangout event here to get notifications and watch via the hangout event (you can participate in the Q and A), or watch on YouTube live or later. 

I hope others will offer a hangout option for us NOTATISTEers. Thank you, Matt!

23. Breaking news, June 25: ISTE Librarian Network's Makerspace Presentation. Scheduled live and on Google Hangout for June 30, 2:15 EDT. Features +Elissa Malespina+Heidi Neltner, +Diana Rendina, and Sarah Winchowky, and moderated by +Tiffany Whitehead. Nice for anyone interested in #makered!

Watch here, live or later:

h/t +Jennifer Wagner, owner of the Not At ... Edconference G+ community.

24. BM! ISTE 2015 Session Notes here If you're attending ISTE, please add your shared notes. Thanks, +Sue Waters!
Love it!

25. +Wesley Fryer is already posting ISTE interviews and demos on his YouTube channel! Direct link to list here.

26. Participate with Periscope! +Tony Vincent will be broadcasting, and he mentions a link to other Periscope broadcasts in this G+ post. 

Periscope is something new to me. Must investigate. h/t +Christy Fennewald.

27. Just found the Mother Lode: a #NOTATISTE LiveBinder here! Chock full of goodies and so organized! h/t +Barbara Tallent of LiveBinders, and +Craig Yen for sharing the link!

28. The Best of ISTE 2015 resources and videos, a Pinterest board by Anibel Pacheco. Another goldmine, Here. Almost 100 pins! h/t +Linda Dougherty for the find, included in her #NOTATISTE Best of the Best blog post here.

It's a week after ISTE2015 and I'm still adding great resources. What did I miss? Tell me and I'll keep adding.