Bookmark This URL to Get Full-Screen Google Plus Notifications (And Don't Forget Shortcuts J and K!)

Here's the URL to get your Google+ Notifications Full Screen.

Be sure to bookmark it!

As far as I can tell, there is no other way to get the full screen version of Google+ notifications.

It used to be that Google Notifications at the top of the Notifications box was a live link to a full screen of notifications.

But no more ... (or am I missing something?)

I much prefer the full screen option for notifications when I'm browsing on my Chromebook, laptop, and desktop. And using J and K  to maneuver up and down from post to post, makes the Google+ experience even more luxurious.

You can use J and K to navigate through posts in the Notification box as well, which is nice for those who prefer the compact view.

And J and K works beautifully in other apps too, including:

       • GMail (enable keyboard shortcuts)
       • Twitter (click on tweet to start)
       • Facebook (click on a post to start)

Yes, I love the large screen experience and shortcuts J and K!