10 Instagram Accounts to Provide a Steady Supply of Ideas for Your Kid-Friendly #Makerspace

Thank goodness for makers who love to share spontaneously and often! 

Please consider following these 10 idea-filled Instagram accounts to get your creative juices flowing!

... You're welcome. (◕‿◕)

In no particular order,

1. @makeshoppgh. MAKESHOP is located at Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. It's a space for building + tinkering through hands-on experiences. makeshoppgh.org

2. @makerteacherlibrarian. Colleen Graves "Maker Teacher Librarian at Ryan High School! Follow to get updates about things going on @ryan_library and general #makerspace madness! colleengraves.org"

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3. @dianalrendina. "Diana Rendina Media specialist @ Stewart Middle Magnet in Tampa, FL. Passionate about Makerspaces. Love creating a dynamic learning space for my students tinyurl.com/gv4rtvb"

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4. @makerspace. "Makerspace at NYSCI makerspace.nysci.orgMaker Space is a learning environment where children, teens, adults and families can tinker, design, and create together. We reuse everyday materials in exciting ways and encourage experimentation, open-ended exploration, and believe that making mistakes is a great way to learn."

5. @jumekubo. John Umekubo "Maker, teacher, techie, life-long learner creatorsstudio.org"

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6. @publicworkshop. "A cheerleader of possibility, Public Workshop creates uniquely engaging opportunities for youth + communities to shape the design of their cities."

@kidmuseum. An interactive children’s museum exploring world cultures; science, technology and the arts; and social responsibility and volunteerism. www.kid-museum.org/

8. @littlebits. "We're on a mission to unleash creativity by empowering everyone to create inventions, large and small, with our platform of electronic building blocks littlebits.cc/kits/steam-student-set"
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9. @arduinoorg. "The Official page of Arduino: since 2005, the place where the official Arduino ideas could take shape. arduino.org"

10. @themakermill. The Maker Mill is a community makerspace and STEM enrichment center for kids, and teens located at 4 High st, North Andover Ma 978-258-0883 www.themakermill.com

And here are some hashtags to explore: #makerspace #makered #makermonday #makerkids. Yes, you'll see a lot of libraries in the search results. 

Happy Aloha Friday!

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