5 Tech Tools and an Observation at CUE Rockstar Maui

#cuerockstar Maui! That's a wrap! #HSTE - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

PC: Michael Fricano

It was so much fun to have Seabury Hall host CUE* Rockstar Maui camp this week! 

I was a lead learner (this is a more appropriate title for me than teacher or presenter, I think, especially in a hands-on event like CUE Rockstar), so I didn't get to attend the other sessions.

However, I did keep my ears open to the conversations, asked questions during breaks, and enjoyed the photos and videos that attendees shared.

And these tech tools piqued my interest: 

1. +Michael Fricano II whipped out his Ricoh Theta S camera to take the group photo shown above. So cool!

2. +Meghan Walters shared JoeZoo, a rubric-centric, feedback-friendly Google grading tool Add-On that looks like it would be fantastic for grading English and history essay projects. I must investigate!

3. Stand-alone Street View App to post spherical photos. It's a misnomer. They need to change the name. I'm going to do indoor shots when our library renovation is complete.

4. +Joe Wood says that the Round Me app to publish VR (virtual reality) captures, is as hassle-free as the developers claim.

5. Lastly, Videolicious sounds like a winner! Broadcast journalists sometimes use the app for quick reporting of the news? No way! I will definitely have to check it out.

Have you tried any of these tools?

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Observation? Mobile, mobile, mobile, both in presentations and throughout the camp. #nosurprise

It was a great week to learn new things!

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*CUE = Computer Using Educators