For Kids: Measure Distance on Google Maps, No Matter How Short, with a simple Google Search

Discovered this fabulous feature as I was tallying my mileage for our Middle School Cooking Winterim* experience this week.

Simply type in your Google search:

Distance between (address or business name) and (destination), 

and voilà:

Just for fun, I took it a bit further, and discovered that this works for distances in mere feet too, like how far is it from my house to the house across the street, for instance (FYI 36 feet). Isn't that the coolest? 😎 

I think this would make a fun prompt in math class, to launch problems with individuated solutions.

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*"Winterim is designed to expand the Seabury Hall program beyond the classroom through a variety of offerings with an experiential approach to learning. Winterim provides students with the opportunity to work in groups composed of representatives from each grade level. The multi-age experience allows our community to become closer, form friendships with students from other grade levels and enhance understanding, appreciation and support for each other, our community and our unique Maui culture." -- school website