Multimodal Fluency -- What does it mean?

The four literacies: visual, multicultural, media, and digital.

This 43-slide show wraps up neatly and concisely what a 21st century classroom should like, and why.
Multimodal Fluency: Classroom to the Cloud
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Sean Cordes is an Assistant Professor of Western Illinois University.
Thanks to Bobbi Newman of Librarian by Day, who shared this on her Libraries and Transliteracy page.


  1. Constructivist theory is good, but this presentation seems to ignore hands-on (kinesthetic) learning. How about doing an experiment local instead of using a Cloud/web-app? Such does not exclude web support. See the Fab Lab and Fab Academy This model is college+ but similar methods and tools can be used middle/high school, perhaps primary.

  2. Thanks for sharing your comment and link, Jerry. I wholeheartedly agree that kinesthetic learning is important too.

    I really like your subsequent discussion with David on Google Fiber for Maui.

  3. you're welcome! I'm glad you like it!