Net Neutrality -- Our Tech Staff Debates the Issue

The issue of net neutrality is a hot topic of discussion with our tech staff! Since I wrote Net Neutrality -- Something to Fight For, both Mr. T and Mrs. H. got in the fray, with their own ideas. Mrs. H. is pro, and Mr. T. is con.

Mrs. H brings two articles to the discussion.
There Isn't Enough Broadband Market Choice to Prevent Bad Actors
Net Neutrality is the Internet's First Amendment

Mrs. H. states: "I am concerned about equal access to the communication and information that Internet provides. Why would I expect profit motivated companies such as Comcast to be interested in every family in America having access? I would not expect them to. This is an issue of what is good for the public at large, which is the realm of the government."

Mr. T. also brings two articles to the discussion.
Nothing Neutral about Net Neutrality
Free Press Net Neutrality Proposals Would Devastate Economy

Mr. T. states: "Non-techies like politicians like to frame arguments in overly simplistic terms but have no clue when it comes to technology. The Comcast issue is case in point. BitTorrent traffic occurs at the physical layer, not the application layer. If politicians control how companies can or cannot manage their own networks on the physical layer, the end result will be slower Internet access for everyone. It would be like the government telling Seabury that we cannot ban students from using Limewire or BitTorrent on our network."

So, there you have it -- two entirely different takes on the issue of net neutrality.

Interested in exploring this hot issue further? It's fitting that a library comes to our rescue, with a comprehensive list of links, on both sides of the question:
Net Neutrality: A Special Coverage Guide, from Middletown Thrall Library

. . . Any comments from the peanut gallery?