Mobile devices in the classroom!

No-o-o-o, we haven't incorporated iPhones, iPod touches, or iPads into our curriculum yet, but YES we will be experimenting with these devices in the classroom, this year!

Two main reasons we think these devices are worth exploring:
  • They engage students
  • They promote anywhere, anytime learning
But how to create order out of the chaos that is bound to happen with each student having their own device?  Here's a fantastic nitty-gritty how-to article about management:

"The list is for large or small class sets of handhelds; if students are using their own personal iPods you'll have a different set of considerations and technical issues to deal with."  [Conclusion reached by me: best to buy a classroom set that doesn't leave the classroom.]

Miss Davis, Mr. Turbeville and I did a workshop for the MISO (Maui Independent Schools Organization) Conference on Friday on this very topic: "Speed Apping -- Mobile Devices in Your Classroom". 

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