One Man Teaching Math to the World

The power of one -- quite impressive.

The Khan Academy is "a not-for-profit organization with the mission of giving access to knowledge to anyone, anywhere."

Thank you, Aimee, for letting us know about this website of free, short video lessons of math, with more subjects to come.

Khan Academy is Harvard MBA and fund manager Sal Khan's non-profit baby and has received a lot of press. Check out Money's article about Khan being "Bill Gates'  favorite teacher".

Khan's lessons are colorful, simple, and best of all, repeatable to match the pace of the learner. He narrates and records the lessons in a converted closet in his house and has spent very little on video equipment.

Khan Academy's YouTube Channel boasts 1831 videos.

Here's a sample, about the Quadratic Equation:

Check out Frequently Asked Questions about Khan Academy

How popular is the site? The live tracker at the top left of the site shows how many people are "learning right now" (2111 at this moment).

Khan is an amazing success story, and Khan Academy is a superb model of online education.