December 17, 2010

Harnessing Twitter as an Interactive Newspaper -- for Teachers

2014 update to 2010 post on 

Educators are using to share their Twitter content in a daily (twice-daily, or weekly) interactive newspaper. SmallRivers is the Swiss-based company that created

Anyone can easily create (and delete) a paper, which could make for a transient experience. However, there are some Tweeters you can count on being there. And papers created from solid educational hashtags like #edchat and #edtechchat will always be around. content can come from a variety of sources:

The possibilities and purposes are endless.

Could be used in the classroom? Of course! Think a student newspaper, a compilation of student writing/multi-media projects, for starters ...

Here's a selected list of great education-related dailies already on

I recommend that you subscribe to them, for most efficient use of your time.

Papers that curate hashtags: The artsed Daily (Arts Education) The #cpchat Daily (Connected Principals) The #edapp Daily (Educational Apps) The #edchat Daily The #edtech Daily The #education Daily The #elearning Daily (Elementary Ed) The #engchat Daily The #gtchat Daily (Gifted and Talented Children) The #globaled Daily The #lrnchat Daily (similar to #edchat) The #mathchat Daily
#midleved Daily (Middle School) The #mlearning Daily (mobile) The #musedchat Daily (music education) The #ntchat Daily (New Teachers) The #parenting Daily (Parent-Teacher) The #science Daily The #socialmedia Daily The #sschat Daily (Social Science)  The #scichat Daily (Science) The #tlchat Daily (Teacher-Librarians)

Papers created by individuals:

The classroom-teachers Daily (Free Technology for Teachers author Richard Byrne's classroom-teachers Twitter list)
The Cool Cat Teacher Daily Tweetpaper Vicki Davis The Creative Education Daily The Education Week Daily from
The Steven W. Anderson Daily (Web20classroom author)

Want more? Find more papers or people at the newsstand.

YES, I did create two papers: 

The #GTANY Daily, which looks like a hashtag-created newspaper, but is instead a newspaper created from Danny Silva's public list of Google Teacher Academy New York attendees. I must keep up with what my compadres are up to!

And I just created The Teacher-Librarians Daily, from my public Twitter list of 435+ teacher-librarians that I continue to grow. I must check "the Twitter pulse of school librarians, daily." 

Harnessing Twitter with newspapers like