AdBlock Plus to block ads for our students

 "Adblock Plus: Save your time and traffic."

My grandson has known about Adblock Plus for a couple of years!  I definitely need to consult with him more often about these matters ... :D

I imagine Adblock Plus is not an add-on that advertisers want to promote, but it's the perfect answer to our 6th grade English teacher's question about blocking out distractions for her students, as they develop their deep reading skills on the Internet.

Adblock Plus is nice not only for children, but also for adults who are extremely distracted/annoyed by those peripheral ads, and/or who never click on them anyway (I fit in this second category).

It took me less than 10 minutes to set up Adblock Plus. Subscription to a filter is recommended; I subscribed to EasyList, the most popular. The subscribing option comes up as part of the installation procedure.

I know there are sites that offer ad-free options for educators, but Adblock Plus works across the Internet. You can click on the stop-sign ADP button on your toolbar to customize your blocking options, or to check the number of blocked elements on the page you're viewing.

An additional plus? Web pages load faster with no ads!

I'm emailing this info to my English teacher, right now ... :D