Playing with Tagxedo -- A Word Cloud Generator Extraordinaire

Just created a Tagxedo word cloud with my Twitter account!

(go ahead, move your cursor over the words)

You can turn speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, any text you provide -- into a totally customizable, interactive word cloud.

You can also create a word cloud from a URL, tweets (as I did), an RSS feed, news, or a search.

There are many shapes to choose from -- you can even use your own image. A spouting whale seemed perfect for me, since we're in the middle of whale season here on Maui.

You can also choose from a variety of colors, fonts, themes, orientations, and layouts.

The possibilities are endless.

Here's a quick tutorial:

I learned how to embed Tagxedo in my blog at All Things Tagxedo, which is Tagxedo's official blog. I chose the Microsoft Silverlight player option. Silverlight is a free download. There are lots of other saving options available.

Lifehacker describes Tagxedo as Wordle on steroids:

Tagxedo Generates Stunning Custom Word Clouds

I agree! AND Tagxedo is easy to use (check out the FAQ), which makes it a real winner.

I'd love to see what our creative students would do with this fun program! I think it would make a fantastic presentation tool, for instance.


P. S. Hardy Leung is the mastermind behind Tagxedo. I think he's a genius!