Twitter Survey for Educators ~ Could you follow just...3?

It's difficult to choose just three!

Inspired by @justintarte's recent post Why Educators should be using Twitter (with some great people to follow listed), and JD Thomas' post Who to Follow in Twitter  -- A Great Idea That Needs Greater Tech and following Gwyneth Jones' crowdsourcing TL Smackdown Feud lead, I've decided to create my own survey for and by Educators on Twitter.

I hope you'll participate!

S-o-o-o, if you're an educator on Twitter (if we're on Twitter, don't most of us consider ourselves educators? -- but that's another post...), would you kindly fill out the survey below? Keep in mind that your responses are public.

Check out the Spreadsheet of completed responses so far (just me, as of 3/26/11)

Spreadsheet of completed responses
(not editable)

If for any reason you'd like to delete your response, you can send me a message on Twitter. @mauilibrarian2

I hope you find this survey useful. I know I will! (Feel free to refer to it.)

Mahalo to everyone for participating!