Online Colleges Trickery ALERT -- and how @fnoschese got my back!

I got caught in an online marketing scheme this morning, and a Twitter stranger rescued me!

This is what he tweeted directly to me, after I had posted a "Top 100" blog list from online colleges.

"Please read this about 'top 100 blogs' And RT!"

A money-making ploy, and I was an unwitting promoter!

I did a little checking. Some of the URLs of these Top 100 lists change as the page is loaded, redirecting the viewer to online colleges. You can be sure I'll be checking URLs from now on, and warning my students about this kind of online trickery.

@fnoschese raised the bar of online consciousness for me. So I decided to investigate this Good Samaritan. Turns out he's Frank Noschese, a high school physics teacher who's very highly respected for his opinions. Our Chemistry teacher @elacanienta would love him, I think. (....ah-HA, I see she's already following him!)

Check out: Topic Page for Frank Noschese on

He pens Action-Reaction | Reflections on the dynamics of teaching, a blog to which I now subscribe.

Yes, Frank Noschese's act of kindness led me to his blog. But it was not the only reason I subscribed. I really like his 3-post discourse about Khan Academy, specifically this last article:

@fnoschese is not afraid to tell it the way he sees it, and his arguments are spot on. I'm very happy to be learning from him on Twitter!

... And it all started with a single tweet.

Mahalo (thank you), Frank!