For Our Honors Bio Students, When Only the Best Resources Will Do

These are the online tools and resources I will be recommending to Ms. Reed's Honors Bio students today, for their research projects. They're aiming for publication, so only the best will do.


Search these DATABASES for stellar results:

Online Databases available through Hawaii State Public Library System (your library card needed)
Recommended:  Academic Search Premier, Gale Virtual Reference Library (science)

Direct link to EBSCO (your library card needed)
Recommended: Scholarly Journal Databases Full Text  ➡ Article

"Every web site in SweetSearch has been evaluated by our research experts"

Google Advanced Scholar Search


Try this reputable science-related web site:

Essortment Articles: Free Online Articles on Health, Science, Education and More...


Wherever you choose to do your search, keep in mind:

How to Evaluate Websites (including detecting bias)

Good luck!

Please fill out the Honors Bio Publication Project form at the same time you submit your final project.