Advertising on the Web: Am I the only one who thinks this is bizarre and ironic?

I'm a Big Fan of Cool Cat Teacher Vicki Davis.

So when I saw mention of one of her most popular posts of 2011, 11 Lies Social Media Hides, I was intrigued to read it.

The article is a great reality check for anyone on Facebook and Twitter. I will use some of the information in my literacy classes.

So, being the eager sharer that I am, I decided to share it not only on Twitter as is my custom, but to pass it on to my friends on Facebook as well.

When I pasted the link onto my status, I was taken aback by the description of the article that appeared. Here's a screenshot:


Whaaaaaat--? An advertisement for Indiana Wesleyan University? Where did that come from?

So I looked back at the blog and there is was: an ad by the university on the blog.

I'm flabbergasted.

No, I did not share the link on Facebook, although I'll be sharing this post there.

Great article and I will continue to enjoy Vicki Davis' extremely helpful posts, but I find this little bit of trickery (this is what I call it) extremely ironic in an article about social media lies.

My take-away? It's important now more than ever that we teach our students very well to be discerning users of information.