Going Paperless: How to Share and Assess Assignments using Google Docs

Sophomore history teacher Father Andrew and I recently assigned an Annotated Bibliography as part of a larger research project. I just finished grading the papers shared documents.

Two things were new: (1) it was the first time I required students to use EasyBib (we have a paid subscription) and (2) the assignment was 100% paperless.

The EasyBib part went smoothly. Our students navigated through the process with ease, for the most part.

There were some kinks to work out with going paperless, and out of the unkinking process came this screencast, which explains how sharing and grading in Google Docs can work. Google Docs is simple, quick, and effective.

I learned a lot from this assignment and I feel better prepared for the next project!

Come the end of spring break, Mrs. Middleton's U. S. History students will be the next group to go paperless using Google Docs -- at least for the Annotated Bibliography portion of their project.

I hope more teachers will consider paperless grading!