Considering OpenClass to Manage Your Classes? Check out these Resources (and the P.S.)

Pearson Promo/Intro to OpenClass

Just discovered Pearson's OpenClass, a learning management system with social and collaboration tools.  It's new and in beta and there doesn't seem to be too much in the news about it, other than its launching at EDUCAUSE in October, 2011.

OpenClass is totally free and integrates with Google Apps For Education which we have at our school, so the system is definitely worth a look for our institution!

Here are some articles announcing the launching of OpenClass.

Pearson's Announcement launching OpenClass in October, 2011. "First full-featured learning environment that's free, easy to use and scalable."

Pearson Debuts Free LMS with Google Apps Integration | Campus Technology

Pearson Llc + Google Expands LMS Business With “OpenClass” System | WiredAcademic

Pearson and Google Jump Into Learning Management With a New, Free System | Wired Campus - The Chronicle of Higher Education

The mastermind behind OpenClass is software engineer Adrian Sannier, who works for Pearson. Read about how he Wants to Put Learning-Management Software in the Cloud.

Adrian Sannier - Photo by Ida von Hanno Bast

If you're ready to try OpenClass, check out these tutorials:
Getting Started gives an overall view of the Help Knowledge Base.

These are direct links to some of the sections within the Base:
How to Use OpenClass Help

How to Create a Course

Course Gradebook

Course Tools

Threaded Discussions

Social Tools
Also check out the OpenClass Mobile app, downloadable at CNET

Upcoming plans for OpenClass? An Educational Idea Exchange,
"which will make it easy to find and share the latest education methodologies, content, and curriculum. Get access to and integration with world class content from publishers and individuals alike. With the Idea Exchange, anyone can publish content to a global marketplace that includes ratings and reviews." (OpenClass website)
Pearson seems to be very responsive to questions and concerns of its customers. See The OpenClass Community Forum for an ongoing discussion on how OpenClass can be improved to meet customer needs. And take a look at the employees. I like that they respond personally to each question. No, not open source as the name might imply, but definitely a great model of openness!

Is your institution experimenting OpenClass? What do you think of it?


P. S. Update just before posting:

I just read about United Opt Out National's boycott of Pearson. It does put a different light on things, doesn't it? Or does it?

I would love to hear your opinion.