Day 2 of #ISTE12 was all about Twitter Connections and Fun!

Yes, I did learn an ISTE12 lot yesterday (more about that later), but there were two great personal threads running through Monday: meeting up with some of my Twitter buddies, and having just a little bit of fun!

Came upon Colette Cassinelli @ccassinelli demonstrating the use of tech in YA reading (Great presentation!).
Met Donna from Vermont @dsmacdonald and paused to reconnect with The Daring Librarian @gwynethjones! (Reminder to self: chin down when taking a photo)

Half-way into her Media Playground presentation, I realized this was Joquetta, @accordingtoJo!

Fellow Hawaii colleagues Molokai librarian Diane @dmokuau and Maui librarian Shannon @shannon_alueta flank library goddess Joyce @joycevalenza, at the SIGMS social.

Met Marie @sraslim and reconnected with 
incoming CSLA President Jane @jane_librarian.
Just had to get a photo with the lovely Mighty Little Librarian @librarian_tiff at the social!

Too-good-not-to-share plug: I'm really looking forward to Hollywood Squares Live on Wednesday at 1:15, featuring Joyce, Gwyneth, Tiff, Joquetta, and other media megastars!
 ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

And two bits of fun caught on camera ...

Seeing double: happened upon ISTE clothes models (and ISTE Board members) 
Kecia @keciaray and Dr. Kari @karistubbs, larger than life, and F-2-F.
How much do I love Google? ... ummmm, a LOT!
◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊
Looking forward to more learning today! Such a great ISTE12 conference so far ...