Takeaways from the Global Education Summit #ISTE12 Session

The Global Education Summit session I attended yesterday was so interesting!

Led by Lucy Gray, the presentations were for the most part pecha kucha  (pronounced “pa-chok'-cha”) style, 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide. I had presented in this style myself, so I know the constraints of the method. It's not easy to condense material this way. Everyone did a fantastic job!

There are several programs I definitely want to know more about:

•Bob Barboza from Super School University spoke about the island kids will help build, as part of the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project, and KidsTalk Radio will be the vehicle for conversation about the island.

•Jennifer Correiro talked about her experience with Taking It Global, and read so beautifully "Yellow Bird" by spoken word artist Andrea Gibson.

Ann Murtschin of western Australia enthused about several global projects in which she's been involved over the years.

Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis talked about the wildly popular Flat Classroom Project.
•Sharon Brown-Peters of the American International School of Mozambique discussed "Popping the Bubble", outlining 10 things she learned about global projects.

•Karen Yager, Dean of Studies at Knox Grammar School in Australia mentioned using Minecraft in the classroom, and also about participating in the International da vinci Decathlon and WeWrite, books for kids by kids.

One program that really caught my fancy was Penpalnews.com, a start-up company that arranges pen pal exchanges structured around current events.

Michael Bernstein of Penpalnews.com
I'm particularly interested in their new project coming up in September, Penpal News Red/Blue, an exchange between pen pals in red and blue states "to make this election year a teachable moment". I think our U. S. History teacher Ms. Middleton and perhaps our Speech and Debate teacher Ms. Sefton might be interested in this project for our students!

Monday was a fantastic day for learning about global connections!

. . . And yes, the weather in San Diego is absolutely gorgeous!