Two clever videos worth watching: "BYOD in the 21st Century" and "To Tweet or Not to Tweet", by lalande

Benjamin Room posted "BYOD in the 21st Century" in the Practical Technologies for the Classroom Facebook group and I just had to share!

Schools exploring BYOD will find this video clever and informative!

Producer Dr. Marc-Andre Lalande, is so creative! The video is the latest in his Pedagogical Quickies YouTube series. I just subscribed to his channel: lalendema.

Here's another great video in the series, about Twitter in Education: "To Tweet or not to Tweet".

I just followed him on Twitter: @malalande.

And here are two more of his videos to check out:
Want Can Fun Need - What We Want to Learn and Why
Schoolisyzation - "Force-fitting"

Dr. Lalande promises a Pedagogical Quickie every two months. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

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