Google+ Tip: How to Adjust the Flow of Information from your Circles -- A Snapshot

I just created this Skitch snapshot for our faculty, to show them how to adjust the flow of information from the Google+ circles they created, and I thought others might find the shot useful as well. Feel free to download and share it.

Here are the steps in writing:

1. Go to Home.
2. Choose the Circle (which you've already created) you want to adjust.
3. Circle members will appear on the right.
4. Adjust the post stream and notifications as you wish.

  • Decide whether you want posts to show in your Home stream.
  • Notice that 'Amount of posts' shown in home stream is on a sliding scale of Fewer / Standard / More.
  • If you decide NOT to check 'Get notified about new posts', notifications will appear only at the upper right. 

5. If you decide to check 'Get notified about new posts', you will receive email notification as well.

The set-up shown above is for maximum I-don't-want-to-miss-a-thing flow of information.

Learning about Google+ is FUN.

(◕‿◕ )