Use this Google Custom Search Engine to Search Through '40 Sources for Curated Educational Videos

My motive? To save our teachers and students time!

So I created a Google custom search engine that searches through the 40 Sources for Curated Educational Videos by Getting Smart, and IT WORKS!

Use it as you would a regular Google search.

I embedded the search in our Educational Video LibGuide and I'll be promoting the use of the search engine come the beginning of school.

Please feel free to use the search. Here's the public URL.

Or, you can use the code for embedding the search on your website.

Copy and paste:

Alternately, you can copy and paste the code from my Google doc.

You can easily create your own Google custom search engine.

Check out Google's support page for creating a custom search engine.

Happy searching for great educational videos and creating your own custom search engine, and have fun with it!

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Update: This code doesn't seem to work within a GAFE site! As a workaround, you can insert this link:
(it will be an extra click to get to the search engine)