13 Must-Haves in My Social Media Curation Tool Kit

I'm getting ready for the EdTech Mixed Plate Show tonight, pondering one of the questions that will be asked of me: 
"How do you curate what you find online so you will remember to use and to share with others?" 
Great time to do an inventory of the social media tools I use regularly to curate links and share ideas!

[You need to know that I manage everything in the Chrome Bookmark Manager.]

This is my SocMedia folder on my bookmark bar, with Twitter selected

Must-have for COLLECTING:

(1) Chrome Bookmarks Bar

(2) Google+ Circles posts, especially MVP circle

(3) Twitter lists, e.g., teacher-librarian list, and private MVP list 

(4) Feedly - news aggregator app

(5) Paper.li - create a newspaper (e.g. #GTANY Daily) and subscribe via email, e.g.,

Must-have for ORGANIZING:

Chrome Bookmarks Bar

(7) Archived tweets form and spreadsheet

Must-Have for SHARING:

Google+ Circles

(8) Hootsuite

(9) Screencast-o-Matic

(10) YouTube channel

(11) Blogger - maulibrarian2 in Olinda


(12) bit.ly

(13) Google Analytics

I'll be talking about how these social media tools fit into my curation work flow.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Here's the show:

It was great sharing!

Thanks to the EdTech Mixed Plate group, +Rachel Armstrong+Michelle Carlson Colte+Megan Cummings, and +Michael Fricano II, for inviting me on the show!



  1. Would you consider writing this as an artricle for School Librarian's Workshop? If you don't know my e-newsletter, email me at hilda@slworkshop.net (email me there in any case if you are interested in writing the article). I will send a copy to your inbox. Your article might just concentrate on Google Chrome Bookmarks (and the manager) and how you use if for curation. Hope you are willing to do this.

    Hilda Weisburg