The Paperless Classroom According to Our Science Teacher Ms. Brown

I learned a lot from our 7th and 8th grade Middle School science teacher Moka Brown about how she manages her paperless classroom.

Does she ever use paper? "Just for tests", she reports.

Time-stamped index:
05:50 - Intro to Doctopus
07:31 - How Moka Brown started on her paperless journey 
09:41 - Haiku Learning demo 
11:45 - Students' reaction to the new system
13:49 - Video casts for mini-lectures under 5 minutes
16:28 - Run-through of Doctopus
24:34 - About Goobric.
29:47 - Customized textbook in Haiku Learning
30:42 - Marking on paper substitute: free program Skim
32:22 - Pros and cons of Chromebooks
36:14 - Chromebook management
38:05 - Students take charge of their own learning
40:59 - Moka's motivation for going paperless
41:44 - Recommendation for beginners - Juno Ed
43:53 - Moka available for help via email
44:14 - Doctopus and the availability of Andrew Stillman
45:27 - Check out script section of Google spreadsheets
Show notes:

Thanks for agreeing to come on Google Rocks! Hawaii HOA, Ms. Brown!
P.S. Other colleagues I've begged to come on the HOA are Sean Wilson on Special Ed and Mitch Krulewich on the Flipped Classroom. Thanks, guys!