Our First #edchatHI Twitter Chat was a success,
with a little help from G+ Hangouts

Our inaugural #edchatHI Twitter chat on January 6 was a success!

We wanted to be sure everything went smoothly, so we decided to do a private Google+ hangout as we moderated. We highly recommend doing this. It makes moderating easy and fun.

Our behind-the-scenes team? Michelle Carlson ColteEllen CordeiroMegan CummingsJoAnn JacobsMichael Fricano II, and myself.

These were the questions we asked in the chat:

Q1: Introduce yourself. Name, school, grade level, subject. (Please respond with A1)
Q2: Why are you here tonight? What brought you to our Twitter Chat?
Q3: What are your edu related interests, questions, and/or challenges?
Q4: What is your New Year’s Resolution as an educator?
Q5: What are some future #edchatHI topics you’d like to discuss? We need your help and we want you to own this.
Q6: Do you have anything interesting to share? (Upcoming events, a project you're working on, etc.)

This tweet is one of my favorites:

Check out the archive for yourself.

Most of the team tracked the chat with TweetChat, to test out its capabilities. Generally, we gave it a thumbs up. The one drawback we saw was that the app didn't make suggestions for Twitter handles as we started to type.

The #edchatHI Monthly Twitter Chat is off to an auspicious start!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Please be sure to add the second #edchatHI Twitter chat to your Google Calendar!

The more conversations and connections the merrier!

P. S. Private hangouts add a delightful twist to Twitter chats. We met and cheered for +Michael Fricano II's new puppy, oohed and ahhed when familiar name David Wee appeared in the chat, and marvelled at how quickly the hour went.