Accepted +Martin Shervington's #CanvaQuest Challenge to Share Canva Designs--Luckily I Already Did Some

+Martin Shervington gave me a #CanvaQuest challenge, and I accepted, because I'm a big fan of Canva!

However, I had no time to create something new, so I'm sharing an image I've already done: my mauilibrarian2 in Olinda blog header.

The header is  just the way I like it, celebrating Maui's many rainbows (symbolic of bright hopes and dreams), with a banner in my favorite color to complement the greenery, and an all-encompassing phrase that describes exactly what I do: 

"Curating, organizing, and testing the EDUverse ... with aloha.

Our school's library is on the left, and Cooper House, the original, foundational building of our campus is on the right. Again, symbolic.

I was so pleased with the design that I announced it on Google+:

I did a couple of other designs as well:

for a Google hangout, and

for a G+ school photo album.

I definitely will continue to explore Canva's capabilities. I'd like to create how-to infographics, posters, and whatever catches my fancy.

Luckily, summer is right around the corner and I'll have more time to play with Canva.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Of course, Canva is not my only design app of choice. I enjoy Google slide presentations, which is how I created this goodie to contribute to +Michelle Carlson Colte's "GAFE14 Take-aways" 6 Words 1 Pic" project, for the Google in Education Hawaii summit in March.

+Molly Schroeder+Wendy Gorton and me
I also like Skitch and I combined it with PowerPoint to do this promo slide for our 6th graders' Shadow Box project display in the library:

I don't consider myself an artist by any stretch of the imagination. But I do like to try new things, and it's fun to have Canva in my editing toolbox!


P. S. GO, Team A, GO!

10 Popular Pinterest Boards for End-of-the-Year Classroom Activity Ideas

Preparing for the fifth #edchathi Twitter chat today,  themed 

"Reflecting on the School Year"

and I thought I'd share these popular Pinterest boards for 

Question #4What is a great end-of-year classroom activity?

1. End of the School Year by Minnie Zurkuhlen (268 Pins, 462 Followers)
2. End of the Year Ideas by Priscilla Shiogi (237 Pins, 665 Followers)
3. End of School Year Ideas by 24/7MOMS Trisha Novotny (51 Pins, 6,526 Followers)
4. End of School Year ideas for the elementary classroom by Primary Junction (51 Pins, 6,342 Followers)
5. End of Year by Liane Courtney (130 Pins, 3,836 Followers)
6. School- End of Year Activities by Christy Solis (103 Pins, 522 Followers)
7. End of Year Activities by Tina Hill (193 Pins, 1,203 Followers)
8. End of the School Year by Happy Teacher (200 Pins, 9,242 Followers)
9. End of School Year by Christy Roony (173 Pins, 2,912 Followers)

Specifically for Middle School

10. Middle School Year End Activities by Kristy @ (7 Pins, 1,183 followers)

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