7 ISTE 2014 Conference Mega Resources to Share Widely!

These 7 comprehensive resources are the crème de la crème of everything #ISTE14, in my opinion.

Check them out and see if you agree!

1. Let's start with the most expansive list. Mahalo (thanks) to +Sue Levine for sharing +Anibal Pacheco's astoundingly rich Pinterest board: #ISTE2014: The Experience, with 121 pins of resources and videos. Many of the videos are interviews conducted at ISTE by Anibal himself on different topics. Some of the resources mentioned below are on this board. It's a great place to begin exploring.

... Boom!

2. Barbara and Tina, owners of LiveBinders, were not able to attend ISTE, but they put together a fantastic LiveBinder from selected tweets: #notatiste14 links.

3. +Nikki D Robertson's Pinterest board What I Learned at ISTE 2014 is a hand-picked treasure trove.

4. Going to the source is a must, of course. Be sure to inspect ISTE's own ISTE14 Pinterest board, with 63 pins. 

5. ISTE 2014 Session Notes, was created by +Tzvi Pittinsky and fleshed out by dozens of contributors. This Google doc made the social media rounds early and is still a popular resource, judging by the users logged in at any given time. 

Consider yourself forewarned: you just might get lost in time, delving into this solid crowd-sourced spreadsheet of goodness.

6. #COEdNet's (Colorado Educator Network) #ISTE2014 Shared Notes created by +Jessica Raleigh is a stellar example of how a group of educators from an entire state can collaborate to create an amazing resource for everyone. Bravo, Coloradans!

7. And +Peggy George highly recommends +Craig Yen's List.ly list of Blogposts for #ISTE2014 -- a goldmine of ISTE reflections!

So much to learn, so little time!

I know, I know, I missed a mega resource. Tell me what it is in the comments, and I just might add it to this list. (◕‿◕)

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Check out the two Google Rocks! Hawaii ISTE 2014 SHARE FEST hangouts below, with timestamped highlights in the YouTube descriptions. (I'll be adding this post to the episode's Show Notes.)

Part 1: July 8, 2014:

Sharing by +Peggy George+Michelle Carlson Colte
+Diane Mokuau, +Rachel Lau, and +Sandra KO.

Part 2, July 15, 2014:

Sharing by +Joe Wood+Michelle Carlson Colte
+Tina Lopez+Michael Fricano II, and +Heather Gauck.

Have fun learning!