How to Receive (almost) Every Post from members of that Special Google+ Circle You Created (Bonus: a Starter Teacher Librarians Circle)

You've created that special must-follow Google+ circle. How do you set up notifications so that you don't miss any posts from members of that circle?

Here's how to set up your notifications to receive (almost) everything:

1. Hover your cursor over the pull-down menu on the left of the screen and click on HOME (not People, as you might expect).

2. Click on that all-important circle you created, in my example, Teacher Librarians.

3. Click on the bell on the upper right of the "In this circle" card to turn notifications On.

4. Click on the settings gear at the upper right of the "In this circle" card to open the options pop-up.

    a. Check the "Show posts in Home stream" box.

    b. Choose More under Amount (the other choices are Standard and Fewer)

5. Click on the bell at the upper right whenever you want to view notifications.

You're set!

P. S. If you're like me, the bell notifications are more than sufficient. No need for email notifications. So I recommend leaving "Shares a post and they're in a circle you subscribe to" unchecked (Google+ settings > Receive notifications > Posts).

(On the Google+ Settings page)

Here's a 2-minute screencast I did of the whole process: 

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Interested in my Teacher Librarian shared circle?

Click on Add people and follow the directions to add (or delete) people, then create a new circle for yourself, or add to an existing circle.

Have fun circling!