Padlet as a Curation Tool ... for Students!

Not only would Padlet Mini be a great tool for teachers for all the reasons +Susan Oxnevad mentions in her article,

this easy-to-use Chrome extension widget would be a fun, effective way for our students to bookmark and annotate their research! (Yes, and turn it in, as well.)


Great Tip! How to Find Private Content in Google+

What a find!

Thanks to +Ana Hoffman by way of  +Mary Ann Davis then +Luiz Fernando then +John Elstone (love the RIPPLES on Ana's original post!) for sharing this tip.

To find private messages in Google plus, simply:

1. Do a regular Google search in your Omnibox, either for a person or a keyword or a combination.
2. Under Search Tools, select Private.
3. Ouila!

Here's Ana's post. Feel free to leave positive comments for her!

Happy G+ing!