Senior Anna Ezzy Does a Reprise of her TEDxYouth Talk on the Orangutan

Anna Ezzy presented her TEDxYouthSeaburyHall talk: Orangutan - Person of the Forest to two Hawaiian Studies Room-fuls of teachers and students. What a treat!

Middle School presentation

Anna's passion for this endangered animal is so inspiring! 

Here's the official 8-minute talk from the TEDxYouth event held in April. Anna calls us to action and mentions specific ways we can help.

Thanks, for caring, Anna!

Anna's talk is the first in a series of student presentations that will be held periodically this year, during the last half of our two lunches. What an excellent inauguration of the series!

English department head Alan Hodara is organizing these student presentations, and he has already lined up the next two. Stay tuned! (I can't wait.)

Happy learning!