"What is the Mindset of a Maker Educator?" Resources Mentioned in Edcamp Online

Participated in my second annual EdCamp Online this morning and I learned so much! The best part? Meeting some new people with common interests.

I joined the Maker Educator group mainly to soak in ideas, since we are just starting our own drop-in Makerspace program in my library.

It was a treat to meet and chat with +Jackie Gerstein, who moderated the hangout. Jackie (Dr. Gerstein, that is) is a prolific blogger who is passionate about Maker Education. Check out her blog, User Generated Education.

I loved that the Chat was used to its full potential, filling up with excellent resources as we talked. Check them out!

Don't the links pique your curiosity? My favorite is Jackie's Pinterest collection: Maker and Hacker Activities for Young People.

I was very pleased to participate in EdCamp Online again, and even more pleased with how much I got out of the Maker Educator session.

Mahalo to the organizers!