Five Apps That Enchanted Me in 2014 and I'm Taking with Me into 2015

I'm a Google Apps Gal through and through, from way back. So even though I explore a lot of non-Google apps for people, only a few actually make it into my personal toolkit.

These are the five apps that grabbed my attention this year, stuck, and enchanted me. I'm taking them with me into 2015!

I invite you to try them.

1. Canva 

I've said it before. Canva makes me feel like an artist!

Here's my favorite design that I created for our Google Rocks! Hawaii weekly hangout. The torn paper effect cost $1, which was well-worth it for me. This was the only time I paid for a design (so far). There's so much free stuff to choose from!

2. Flipgrid

My librarian friend +Michelle Carlson Colte invited me to try Flipgrid in April.

And this happened!

6th graders sharing their original poems in Mrs. Martelles' class

I'm planning to purchase a library subscription so other teachers can try it. Thanks, Michelle!

3. Instagram

Although I had installed Instagram on my iPhone a while ago, I began experimenting with it in earnest on January 1, uploading photos with the #365grateful hashtag.

This is one of my favorites:

A photo posted by Linda Lindsay (@mauilibrarian2) on

And I followed Hōkūle'a Worldwide Voyage (hokuleawwv).

A photo posted by Hōkūle‘a Worldwide Voyage (@hokuleawwv) on

Hōkūle'a and the people making the World Wide Voyage happen are changing the world for good and it's a joy to watch it all unfold.

4. Nurph

EdTech buddy +Michael Fricano II suggested this Twitter-taming gem. TLChat moderator +Nikki D Robertson is using the app to the fullest. ( TLChat = teacher-librarian chat )

Such a clean interface, great analytics, and the archive is just a click away. Thanks, Michael and Nikki!

5. Wunderlist 

(Apple's App of the Year for 2013)

Seabury colleague +Moka Brown mentioned Wunderlist in her "Tech Tools to Reduce Teachers' Workloads" presentation at our school and I decided to try it.

I haven't used the collaborative features yet, but so far I enjoy accessing the app across my devices, its clean interface, the bell of completion ( Fun! ), and the ability to sort by Today and Week. Thanks, Moka!

Yes, I'm happily taking these apps with me into 2015!

What about you? What does your enchanted list look like?

Signing off for 2014 and eagerly awaiting 2015,



IC: Apps Pixabay