Our Library's Sixth Annual Keiki Christmas Storytelling Hour -- A Winter Wonderland of Fun!

My little group of student readers selected a Winter Wonderland theme for our library's sixth annual Keiki* Christmas Storytelling Hour, the last stop for the children at the Alumni Keiki Christmas Party.

Oh what fun it was! ☃

4 student readers and the librarian, with some of 
the student-made snowflakes in the background.

Aria reads The Polar Express. The keiki participated  
with silver bells they could take home with them. "Believe."

Faculty and staff keiki 

Group photo. Check out the scarves. Brrrr! 

Afterwards, a spontaneous mom-read of Winnie the Pooh's 
The Merry Christmas Mystery, with grandma looking on.

Mahalo to Aria, Sean, Mikhaila, and Patricia, for making the event extra special!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


*Keiki = children

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